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modo de àmbar

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Collaborative project done during my master's work. I worked with a group of artists and engineers at the Cooper Union to design a text adventure.

The text adventure lets a player navigate the collected memories of the creators of the game. The player can move, look around, and pick up items. The memories are connected via portals, which the player traverses once they have agreed to leave a memory.

The CANNe synthesizer was used as a generative soundtrack. As the player moves through the text adventure and makes decisions, the autoencoder's training regime is changed, thus creating a subtly interactive sound piece.

Check out some of the gameplay below, captured and uploaded by Richard Yee (Art '19). The source code can be found on George Ho's github repo (Eng '19). Manual written and designed by Ella de Buck (Art '19).

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